– Translated from Beatritz de Dia’s Occitan poem "[Estat ai en greu cossirier]"

I’ve been thrown into hell
because of a man I once called mine,
and this is true now and for all time
since I love him beyond my skill to tell;
so it turns out it was a test
his quest for sex night and day;
and now I can’t stop thinking
yes, all I had to say was yes.

Oh, just once had I stroked him,
he’d never ever rise for anyone else;
I’d pull him close and closer and he’d rest,
leaning his head against my breast.
It’s true I was happier with him
than any romance you’ll recall;
I’ll bet this heart for him, I’ll bet it all,
my mind, my eyes, my life.

Beautiful boy, so totally cool and kind,
when will you bow to my power?
If I could lie beside you for just one hour,
you’d never be free from our body.
There’s nothing I wouldn’t give
to have you in my husband’s place,
but only if you swear you will always act
with me in mind, no matter what the case.

    – Original Occitan

Estat ai en greu cossirier
per un cavallier qu’ai agut
e vuoil sia totz temps saubut
cum ieu l’ai amat a sobrier;
ara vei qu’ieu sui trahida
car ieu non li donei m’amor
don ai estat en gran error
en lieig e quand sui vestida.

Ben volria mon cavallier
tener un ser en mos bratz nut.
Qu’el s’en tengra per ereubut
sol qu’a lui fezes cosseillier
car plus m’en sui abellida
no fetz Floris de Blanchafor:
ieu l’autrei mon cor e m’amor,
mon sen, mos huoills e ma vida.

Bels amics avinens e bos,
cora. us tenrai en mon poder?
e que jagues ab vos un ser
e qu’ie. us des un bais amoros;
sapchatz, gran talan n’auria
qu’ie. us tengues en luoc del marit,
ab so que m’aguessetz plevit
de far tot so qu’ieu volria.