Andrea Bruce / VII Network


from the Editor’s Comment


Mikael Awake, Your Taxi Is the Greatest Movement

Jensen Beach, Don’t Go

Michael Reid Busk, They Came from Everywhere, They Came with Everything

Stephan Clark, The Lady with the Stray Dog

Viet Dinh, The Ruined City

Pete Duval, I, Budgie

Dave Kim, A Short Vacation

Peter LaSalle, from Mariposa’s Song

Peter Orner, Plaza Revolution, Mexico City, 6 a.m.

Kevin Spaide, Fish Farm

Terese Svoboda, The Royal Bank of Canada

Rachel Swearingen, Shoreward


Michelle Chan Brown, If Veronika Wins the Prison Pageant

Brenda Coultas, from The Tatters

Katy Didden, Conquistadore / The Penitentes’ Morada

Cathy Park Hong, Ballad in i / Ballad of Western Scat

Emmy Hunter, In the Moment of Sun

Bhanu Kapil, from Schizophrene

Karen An-hwei Lee, Prayer for Equinoctial Green / Psalm III

Shiaw-Tian Liaw, Burning a wheat field

Kathleen M. McCann, Mullagh / Sky Comes to Ground

Trey Moody, from Dear Ghosts,

Andrew Pryor, Pastoral for the Beasts of the Field / Pastoral with Your Initials Carved in the Back of It

Paisley Rekdal, Wax

Nicholas Samaras, The Abduction of Even Language / All the Flowers of England / An Unexpected, Framed Sketch of a Stone Archway and Wall Diminishing

Solmaz Sharif, Drone

Molly Stern, the mausoleum

Mike White, Bridge


Philip Cartelli, On the Maroni

Richard Froude, The Girl Who Fell Through the Ice

Josip Novakovich, Shopping for a Better Country

Jeff Walker, Case Against the Driver


Andrea Bruce, from Italy’s “Gypsy Emergency”